Low-cost ARM Netbooks

This page will contain links to affordable but decent Netbooks that
undercut the Intel Monopoly systems by significant margins, yet provide
pretty much the same kinds of features ("good enough" computing) that
the average person expects out of computers: Internet Access, Music and
Video playback, and Document viewing and editing.

What kinds of systems will go on this page?

Essentially: anything that's "good enough".

Any system with 256mb of RAM or greater, a 500mhz or greater CPU and
a 1024x600 screen or greater and using Free Software will definitely 
go on this page.  It's been well-known for several years that Linux
is perfectly capable of running on 256mb of RAM and a 500mhz CPU (just)
but whilst you cannot expect miracles at that kind of performance,
you can expect a fantastic price.  Anything that's better than this
minimum requirement is just icing on the cake.

It's difficult to consider a system with only an 800x480 screen as
"good enough" - especially for Internet use and for Document viewing,
however if the price is sufficiently compelling and the overall system
is useable and contains Free Software (and the manufacturer respect
the free software licenses by providing full source code), then it will
be considered worthwhile and will go on this page.

Also, the system has to actually be real, selling in volume from factories
or retail outlets, and not just a "reference design".  Over the years
there have been dozens of "reference designs", yet none of them have
really met the "good enough" criteria, and so have not really taken off.

At the time of writing, the total number of systems found so far and
meeting these "good enough" criteria at an affordable price are: one!
Therefore, if you hear of any alternatives, please contact me at
lkcl@lkcl.net or luke.leighton@gmail.com.

ChiTech CT-PC89E

The CT-PC89E is based on a Samsung S3C6410 but the processor board
is actually upgradeable without having to redesign the entire machine.
Its specifications are pretty similar to the EEEPC 901, with an 8.9in 1024x600
LCD, stereo speakers, 802.11 WIFI and it has a cutely named embedded OS from
Mid-Fun.  It has everything you'd expect from a netbook, yet could be priced
well below the £200 to £220 retail price of an Intel Atom system.
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