My fourth on-line Poem

Willingly you're cheated of an undiscovered craft,
Left to drift in shifting sands.
Beleaguered by winds that tempt and toil,
Hindered by words that fester and boil

Finding faith.

Left and loved and lost and in need of witchcraft,
Cheated of the time that will always make amends.
Looking for a way to find you're rooted to the soil,
Getting to the centre and you're finding nothing's real

Finding Faith.

Leave the way to cripple me to people who know best.
Putting you on gilted edge is easy to confess.
I can think a thousand ways to make him want to pay
Easy leave deceive me weave believe me turn away

Finding Faith.

Better to have lived and dreamed than to have slept at all.
Living dreams can take extremes and gently break them all.

Copyright 1997 - Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton, October 1997.