Empty spaces need filling or protecting,
Scorched earth or pressing void, depending.
Patterned approach to reactive needs impending,
A vicious strike to chaotic deeds extending.

All things in balance, as and when.
All things in turn, now and then.
All things in time, here and now.
All things in mind, why and how.

Seen through the mind of a child, the truth often known.
Play on the field of a mind, the seed always sown.
Hear through the tears of a storm, the bell often tolls.
Ride on a Wave of the Dawn, the sound always rolls.

I am all, an Element in flow.
I am tall, a target to know.
I am toil, a task to deal.
I am that, the truth to reveal.

Copyright 1997, 1998 - Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton, August 1998.