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Debian Linux on Fujitsu/Siemens Lifebook P1510

	Well - it works.  I used Phil's "hands-free" boot, over a PXE
	network (i have everything set up already - atftpd, dhcpd,
	even a root-mountable nfs export) but you can just as well
	boot hands-free debian from a USB memory stick.

	Installs debian/stable which i then upgraded to debian/unstable
	as of today, 20th April 2006, absolutely fine.  xserver-xorg
	doesn't detect that the screen is an intel thing, but if you
	manually say "it's an intel thing" it's happy.
	Beautiful, tiny, powerful machine.  love it.
	... the only thing:

	I just wasted an installation because I didn't know that there's
	a physical switch at the right hand side which enables the wireless.

	_do_ flick this switch...

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