Quarks yet to be identified

We note that as of yet Top is proving annoyingly elusive: there is simply insufficient information to positively identify its makeup or its generation, in terms of Rishons.

Top is odd because its energy signature when considered from the 1st order 5-significant-figure mass approximations outlined in Dr Worsley's work [8], whilst strange, charm, bottom, muon, proton and neutron all clearly fit within a 2nd level family structure, Top fits best in the 3rd level (i.e. at the same level as the Tau, W, Z and Higgs Bosons and the ultra-quarks). However as already mentioned, it is believed that there are not many stable patterns that can be sustained at the 5x3 Rishon Generation Level, making Top's presence at this energy level something of a conundrum due to the lack of other particles - or quarks at this same level - with which to make any clear inference.

There is also the "unidentified" quark to deal with within the 2nd level (3x3 I-Frames). Possible candidates include genuinely previously undiscovered quarks whose existence is only present as oscillations for incredibly short durations, accounting perhaps for some of the odd masses of oscillating particles such as eta0. Perhaps instead when a mathematical framework is fitted to the model outlined here it may be discovered that the unidentified quark is a mathematical impossibility. We can only speculate at this stage.

lkcl 2017-01-03