Noteworthy predictions and implications

There are a number of noteworthy predictions and implications from the Expanded Rishon Model. Not least of these is the existence of two flavours of Z Boson (one being an ultra-heavy "up" pion, the other being an ultra-heavy "down" pion), but also that, if the Higgs+ may be identified as being an ultra-heavy proton then an ultra-heavy neutron (Higgs-0) should also exist. In all cases there should also be anti particles of the same. Regarding the Higgs: one interesting thing to note is that the difference between the mass of the neutron and the proton is almost exactly the same as the gap between the two experimentally observed Higgs at 126.0 and 125.3 GeV respectively.

The other strange observation is that it appears to have gone unnoticed that out of seven experiments from 1995 to 2000 to measure the mass of the neutrino using Tritium beta decay, all of them recorded a negative mass-squared value. In other words, the mass of the neutrino would appear, from these results, to actually be an imaginary number. Assuming that all seven experimental results were not in fact a systemic error but were actually correct, this would seem to support the hypothesis that Vohu is in fact imaginary (three Vohu Rishons is a neutrino). Almost with regret however it is noted in an informative review of neutrino mass measurement experiments [9] that there were in fact systemic errors.

lkcl 2017-01-03