Creativity - the source of all life and inspiration.
Our lives are governed by creativity, and the enjoyment of simply ... being!

Creativity is how we adapt. Faced with a challenge - a black box, a difficult situation, or a task to inspire others - we apply creative thinking. We "create" a solution. The ways in which this can be achieved are many and varied, but as long as we keep trying different solutions, eventually one of them will work.

Reverse-engineering is the process of applying creativity to derive knowledge, through both passive and active (interactive) observation. Many people do not think of the fact that they "reverse-engineer" their way through life, for example, to learn their first languages as babies - but it is true: reverse-engineering is what we do, all the time. We derive, through empirical observation, our "facts". Sometimes, we get the "facts" wrong!

The most important rule to remember is to remember all the solutions tested so far - those that haven't worked! The definition of madness is to do the same things, under the same conditions, each and every time anticipating a different outcome. When we realise we are not getting anywhere, it is time to create new solutions.

So, in my work, and my life, I apply creativity to problems, and I apply it fast. If a tool or technique does not exist which would help speed up the process of applying creativity to a solution, I invent one.

I gets results.