Spam.  Don't do it.  it pisses people off.  So much so that they
will quite happily reject even legitimate messages if they have
to, to avoid receiving spam.

The implications for me are that I must set up extreme anti-spam
measures, and I must provide you with a button on my web site where you
can email me (Pink box, centre screen).

The implications for you, the honest emailer, that some of your
messages are going to get rejected.  Here are some tips on how
you can contact people using this server WITHOUT getting email

1) Don't use hotmail.  You shouldn't be using hotmail anyway: it's shit.

2) Don't use aol email.  AOL is very good as an ISP, but their
   bulletin-board service (that AOL 8 and AOL 9 shit) is shit.

3) Don't use yahoo mail.  Yahoo mail itself is reasonably good, but
   unfortunately, too many people use it for forged email accounts
   as spammers, so unfortunately it gets tarred with the anti-spam
   brush.  Not very much, but enough to be hit-and-miss getting
   through my strict spam scores.

4) Don't send HTML attachments or HTML email (which is the default
   for hotmail, which is why it never gets through except to other
   hotmail users, which is why it is shit).

5) Try to avoid proprietary attachments (Word documents, Excel etc).

   A good trick is to upload the file to a web site, or if it's a funny
   joke ha ha me-too-posting ten megabyte attachment which will take
   people ages to download which is really rude of you to do that to them
   then find a copy of the same file online somewhere with google
   and cut and paste the URL rather than shove a stupid file they might
   not have the time, money or inclination to be able to download or

   If it's a photo, and especially if it's lots of photos, upload
   the photo to flikr.  If it's a video, upload the video to youtube.
   If you don't feel comfortable doing that, after reviewing the
   site, then contact me and I will consider hosting the content for

6) Use googlemail - but disable 'Rich Text' (use plain email instead,
   because 'Rich Formatting' sends HTML, and that's Bad).

7) Use the telephone, and ask for your email address to be added to the
   'whitelist', or go to my main site and click on the 'Email' button.

Until then, happy emailing.  And if you don't like these arrangements and
the extreme measures that have to be taken to stop spam getting through,
then, well... tough: all you need to do is pay a few hundreds of millions
of dollars to the greedy spammers and to the businesses that pay them
to send out spam, asking them nicely to stop.

Welcome to the extreme end of Capitalism, the Cancer of Society.