Technology comes in many forms. The technique of keeping up-to-date with technology is considered to be challenging, with reports of schools training people on out-of-date and inappropriate technology instead of educating them with skills on how to learn - how to keep up-to-date with technology.

I have an ability to find, absorb and understand information about technology at a rate that is well above average (learning and adapting to Adobe Flash Actionscript, with the Eclipse IDE, took about a day).

The bottom line is that the cost of training someone like me, to help out with a project, is close to zero. I work best by advising and complementing other people (rather than replacing them). I could well do other people's work - but I would prefer not to: I'd much rather that they learn from me how to be more productive.

So - if you need someone to assess products, ideas, or to help turn a project around, I can help. Keep me interested, and trust my advice, and I will be absolutely invaluable to you.