Further Extension of the I-Frame structure

The next logical progression up from a 9-particle Rishon (3x3) is a 15 particle frame (5 set of 3). However the number of legitimate (stable) combinations is extremely limited.

Image rishon_ultra_up_and_down figureTentative "ultra-up" and "ultra-down" penta-triplet particles

These two ultra-quarks are effectively a pair of neutral pions rotating about a central quark. The neutral pions therefore give these ultra-quarks zero spin characteristics. Any particle constructed from them would therefore also have zero spin.

The 15-Rishon ultra-quarks have been tentatively identified as the make-up of W, Z and Higgs Bosons. In a similar way to the Muon (as a 3x3 arrangement of T and anti-T particles) the tau is tentatively identified as being a lepton made out of entirely T and anti-T Rishons in a 3x 5x3 arrangement.

Here we have a Higgs+ (T-positive charged variant):

Image rishon_higgs_proton figure3-level I-Frame: ultra-quarks in a Higgs aka ultra-heavy proton

Note the central quarks of each of the three ultra-quarks are those of a proton. A Higgs-0 (ultra-heavy neutron) should therefore also exist.

lkcl 2017-01-03