Pion Muon phase transition

This transformation from a pion into a muon and muon neutrino is considered in two phases, for clarity. Note very carefully the simultaneous creation of the W Boson and correspondingly oppositely-charged gluon (aka "pion"), as this is critical to ensuring conservation of charge and phase.

Image rishon_pion_w_boson_transform figureFirst phase of pion transition: to W Boson

Figure 10 illustrates the transition to W Boson. The initial quarks may not be placed directly into the W Boson: they must undergo phase transforms in order to jump between quark flavour levels.

Image rishon_w_boson_to_muon_transition figureSecond phase of pion transition: to Muons

The second phase requires, to give a mathematical balance, some odd tricks (shown in the centre of the diagram). A fully time-reversed VT0 and a transitional VT0 are used. It is cumbersome but successful, representing phase and charge conservation.

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