AMCauis: Key and Property Auditing, Tracking and Management

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How do I use AMCauis?

It's very simple. First you add a property to the database. A barcode will be automatically printed out, which you can place next to the hook that the keys will be on. Then, you add any keysets, along with a convenient description (number of keys on the ring, any other identifying features) and again, a barcode will be automatically printed out, which you can then put into the key-fob for that keyset. Additionally, you must add a person - a member of staff, a contractor, a tenant or a landlord. Again, for your convenience, a barcode is printed out, which you can either place on a board (for staff and contractors convenience) or on file (in your paper records for your tenant or landlord).

Once these things are done, you are ready to book out any of the keysets to any of the people on your system. Scan a keyset's barcode, then scan a person's barcode (or the other way round, it really doesn't matter) and then enter some optional information about why the person is being given the keyset (e.g. for maintenance purposes), and you're done. It really couldn't get any easier! Returning the keyset is a simple manner of scanning the keyfob barcode, and hanging it back on its hook.

Also if ever you lose a barcode - for example if a keyfob comes off, or a keyset is lost, or it is inconvenient to get to the person's file where their barcode is kept - then you can always select a menu option in AMCauis, which will allow you to find records by typing a few letters of their name, and book out the keyset manually, instead.