AMCauis: Key and Property Auditing, Tracking and Management

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Who needs AMCauis?

Cleaning companies; Estate Agents; Letting Agents; Universities; Security firms; Locksmiths. All of these can benefit from the use of AMCauis.

If you are a cleaning company, with dozens or hundreds of staff, then you will know that even if you have only fifty properties on your books, keeping an accurate record - and up-to-date telephone numbers - of the current staff member or subcontractor who has a particular property's keys causes you constant headaches.

Within seconds, AMCauis will tell you what keys a particular person has booked out, or it can tell you who has the keys booked out for a particular property.

If you are a Property Management / Letting Agency with hundreds of properties, then you will appreciate that even with only three or more staff members, keeping track of so many keys is very inconvenient. Also, you will almost certainly have had landlords claiming, months after you no longer manage their property, that they never received their keys back. And you will definitely have had tenants claiming that they returned the keys, when they in fact didn't, but you cannot dispute that because your records from a year ago are now archived in a locked filing cabinet, or worse they are on a spreadsheet that your colleague is currently accessing, and so has it locked.

AMCauis provides you with the information that you need - immediately and conveniently: the date and time of who has ever had what, and for what purpose, is recorded and is easily accessible.