AMCauis: Key and Property Auditing, Tracking and Management

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How can I get AMCauis?

A AMCauis Maintenance and Service Contract can be arranged by contacting Luke Leighton by email, by telephoning +44 (0) 20 8133 8223, or by Skype, as lkcl.. and we can discuss your requirements and advise on the costs that you will encounter, and also on the likely cost savings and reduced risks that the use of AMCauis will bring.

It's worthwhile emphasising that we will not be selling you a 'boxed product' - we provide you with a service, as AMCauis can quickly become an important part of your business-critical infrastructure. In recognition of that, we feel obligated to ensure that you are fully appraised of the positive impact that AMCauis will have, and that you take the proper precautions to ensure data protection and that, in case of an incident, you can be up-and-running again as quickly as possible.

Also: AMCauis, and the use of AMCauis, is not a fire-and-forget product: you will need to spend time - and money - in the initial data-entry stage and subsequent data entry: it introduces a significant and important beneficial change in your day-to-day operations. We can help advise you on saving time and money with the setup and operational costs. For example, if you already have a spreadsheet with your properties and / or your staff or tenants and landlords, we can get this data directly into the database for you, in a few minutes.

It's also worthwhile emphasising that the cost of our service can be dwarfed by the cost of data entry, and that both costs can be dwarfed by the amount of time, money, energy that AMCauis will save you, as at the very least, your staff will no longer have to ring round absolutely everybody every time you want to find out where an unaccounted-for keyset is.

Additional Service

In recognition of the simple fact that boxed product never does exactly what you want, we realise that every client's requirements are different, which is why we emphasise that we provide a service, not a boxed product. So, if you have any specific requirements, then please do contact us to discuss your options. For example, you may not be managing keys and properties, but something else (products, assets): we can help you.

You may be considering tagging keys or assets with RFID: again, we would be delighted to help you.

Or, you may have an existing database or database server, and you would prefer that AMCauis be integrated with your existing infrastructure (and Data Backup procedures). Whatever the requirements, do contact us and we will do our best to accomodate you.