AMCauis: Key and Property Auditing, Tracking and Management

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AMCauis is a property key management solution: a simple system to keep track of who has what, and to keep an audit record of who had what. For example, if you are a Rental Property Management company that has hundreds of sets of keys, and you have a dozen or more maintenance and other staff, then you can, by following the simple procedure of using AMCauis, keep track of who (your staff) has what (property keys).

Who needs AMCauis?

Cleaning companies; Estate Agents; Letting Agents; Universities; Schools; Security firms; Locksmiths and more. All of these can benefit from the use of AMCauis. [more]

What is it? AMCauis is a simple-to-use database program, running on a standard dedicated PC, with a standard PC keyboard (no mouse - one is not required), a barcode printer and a barcode scanner attached. [more]
How does it work? To use AMCaius, you scan a keyset's barcode, then scan a person's barcode, and then enter some optional information about why the person is being given the keyset - that's it!. It really couldn't get any easier! Returning the keyset is a simple manner of scanning the keyfob barcode, and hanging it back on its hook. If you want to know who has what, you can scan either a property's barcode under its hook, or you can scan the person's barcode: the information will be instantly displayed. [more]
Case Study St Andrew's Bureau, in Cambridge, has been successfully running AMCaius since it was installed in 2004, and it is now an integral part of their day-to-day business operations, and an important part of their audit assurance. Without AMCaius, they would be unable to verify who has or had keysets. [more]
How can I get it? Contact Luke Leighton by email, by telephoning +44 (0) 20 8133 8223, or by Skype, as lkcl... [more]