Poetry. Shunned because I found it boring and unimaginative in English Literature classes, I still write it.

I've started posting on these sites. I like allpoetry. although it is horrendously obscure to get used to, it is definitely worthwhile, and greatly encourages its members.

poem1.html I have to be careful what kind of mood I'm in when reading this one. I wrote it to be evocative of many things, at the same time.
poem2.html This poem appears to be constructed from a few experiences in Cambridge.
poem3.html First poem about a small child. Memories and wishes, not necessarily my own.
Finding Faith Written out of necessity.
poem 5 Untitled.
poem 6 Untitled.
poem 7 Untitled.
Untitled. Feeling out of sorts, mostly because there's nothing i can do.
poem 9 Inspiration to and for an artist.
poem 10 Untitled.
Moments Inspired by someone I once met, who found what they were looking for.
Trade Same person. Don't exactly know what some of this poem means!
poem 13 Canberra nightclubs - inspiration for Joey.
poem 14 Inspiration for Joey, Marney, Josh and Jen.
poem 15 Inspiration for Joey, Marney, Josh and Jen.
poem 16 Uncertainty.
poem 17 Untitled.
poem 18 Untitled.
poem 19 Kaali.
poem 20 Mama was an alien.
poem 21 electric
poem 22 to a star
poem 23 hallowed
poem 24 wind over wave
poem 25 water's edge
poem 26 missing
poem 28 star horizon
poem 29 landmark
poem 30 you.
poem 31 sin city.
poem 32 where the hell did _this_ come from? some poems write themselves: a key line dictates the rest...
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