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Contact: Date: 04 Mar 2014 Updated: 03 Jan 2017
Ref: vixra:1403.0016 Revision: v3


We introduce an expansion of the Rishon Model to cover quark generations, (including a previously unnoticed one), provide an explanation for T and V as a topologically convenient moniker representing aspects of phase and polarity within knots (of for example String Theory), and explain particle decay in terms of simple "phase transform" rules. We identify all current particles (with the exception of "Top") including the gluon, the Bosons and the Higgs, purely in terms of the underlying mechanism which topologically can be considered to be Rishons. All this is predicated on the simple assumption that all particles in effect are photons phase-locked in a repeating pattern inherently obeying Maxwell's equations, in symbiotic support of their own outwardly-propagating electro-magnetic synchotronic radiation [4], and that Rishons represent a phase "measurement" (real or imaginary) at key strategic points on the photon's path.

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